Permanent Cosmetics is perfect for:
• the active woman
• the career minded and on the go
• cosmetically sensitive skin
• limited or physical movement
• simply desiring to look great 24/7
  with little or no effort
Some of the effects you may achieve are:

• accentuate the natural contours of your
  lips, eyebrows, & eyes.
• enhance your eyelash roots with or without
  an extreme liner.
• create a fuller looking lip or enhance
  the color of your natural lips or lip line.
• shape your exsiting eyebrows or create a more
  applealing shape
• actual blush or eyeliner can be applied
• apply beauty marks.

There are many other benefits as well:
• even out discolored skin patches
• fill in missing facial hair on males
• areola pigment restoration
• disguising a cleft lip
• certain scar camouflage
Custom Effects Have Endless Possibilities
Teri also offers educated presentations on healthy living & freeing your home environment from toxic chemicals.
She shows you how to stretch your dollar in the kitchen & simlify your life with
consiense free cleaning products, apocotherapy, herbs & spices, & medicinal uses.
If you would like to learn more on how you can do your part on minimizing waste &
free your family of toxins, reducing allergens & harmful bacteria.
Good for You • Good for Others • Good for the Earth

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