Pricing & Procedure

Permanent Cosmetics is lasting & enduring makeup that looks as natural or dramatic as you like It is a safe & effective way to enhance the look of accenting the eyes, brows, or lips without ever having to apply makeup.

Whether you are desiring a subtle enhancement of your natural features, a bold cosmetic look, or evening & perfecting the shape of your features, Teri offers safe & educated choices for the woman considering permanent cosmetics. Permanent cosmetics will save you time & effort as well as the ongoing expense of traditional makeup replacement.

Permanent Cosmetics will not smear or cause daily discomfort to the eyes. It can not run or rub off And no more worries about allergic reactions to traditional make-up. Not only are there physical benefits but it is mentally beneficial having the confidence you gain in knowing that you always look your best at all times! Wake up with Make-up!

Woman all over the world are benefiting from the effects of this wonderful procedure. Certifications, articles, additional literature & portfolio available on site.

Give yourself the gift that lasts a lifetime!

Although Teri specializes in several methods of application, her preference is the traditional tattooing method. Rather than a kit bought pen or rotary machine that requires to be re-done every year to three years, Teri's method needs only one touchup between 4-6 weeks of original application and with proper care it will last approximately 8-12 years! Teris methods utilize safe, fresh, inorganic pigments that do not contain any FD&C dyes yet have more bonding agents in them so they last longer & stay true to their tone.

Also, there is a wider variety of needle groupings allowing a wide range of custom effects for your desire. All implements & needles are disposable.

All procedures are performed in a safe, bacteria controlled, & relaxing environment. During your initial consultation to discuss the details of your procedure, Teri will analyze your skin tone, face shape, & hair color to assist you in the best selection of shapes & pigments in order to enhance your unique look to its fullest.

For your procedure, you will only be in the studio for approximately one hour. And you'll be pleased to know that 20-30 minutes of that time is set for a topical numbing agent for your comfort.

The skin recovers quickly with Teris aftercare methods. Teri offers long lasting & proven results in just the first application.Considering that every person has different tolerance levels, the eyes or lips may only be swollen for as little as 3-4 hours afterwards. You may be able to return to work that same day if desired. Aftercare literature will be provided for you and all questions & concerns will be discussed before you leave the site.

Come in and see for yourself the benifits!

All prices include one free touchup within 6 weeks of your initial application, thereafter, touchups will be charged at a rate of $100.00 per hour with a $50.00 minimum.

This price also stands for all camouflage, & pigment restoration.

Beauty Mark  $50.00
Areola  $150.00
UpperLiner $150.00
Lower liner  $150.00
Eyebrows  $200.00
Eyeshadow  $300.00
Lipliner  $250.00
Full Lip Color $350.00
Blush  $350.00

If more than one procedure is done in a single sitting you will receive a discount of $50.00 off your total price.

Gift Certificates are available.

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